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Case Studies 

Here are a sample of some of the many projects and questions for which I have been asked to solve. Each consulting project is unique but tend to fall under three distinct topics - Trouble Shooting, Exploration and Product Market Fit

TRouble shooting
Trouble Shooting

•Scenario - Portfolio client is struggling to overcome a barrier to growth and needs independent review.

•Why is this valuable? - Often teams are too embedded and protective of their position that an independent analysis is needed to asses the problem. 

•Example of Past Projects -  Series A ($5.5m) online education start-up wanted to know why increase in email subscribers (a core metric of their growth model) was not leading to increase in sales. 

•Solution - Analysis of client data proved that quality of leads suffered as a result of growth in Google natural search listings. Recommendations provided future tracking and marketing requirements.


•Scenario - Investment fund is seeking to validate the potential growth opportunities of the market on which the investment is being made.

•Why is this valuable?  - Key investment decisions are often correlated to future growth potentials which can be difficult to asses.

•Example of projects undertaken – Series A ($12m+) online social media publisher asked the question ‘which new topic category should we enter and why?’

•Solution - Full analysis of business model, from which topics were mapped to show overlay of adjacent markets, against size and criteria. This was used to secure new investment round.

Product Market Fit

•Scenario - Investment Fund is presented by an opportunity, which lacks clarity in product market fit and positioning.

•Why is this Valuable? Many start-ups and early stage companies falter when they fail to understand what they sell, who they are selling to, and whose business they are competing against.

•Example of project undertaken: Series A ($7.5m) Insure-tech company launching into market with joint tech and insurance solution, unclear over how to position the offering.

•Solution - Full sector analysis of insurance and technology market place identified key segments and subsequent positing and messaging to be used across comms and marketing strategy.

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